Best Tires for Pavement Use

Truck Guide: Best Tires for Pavement Use

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Off-road adventure is all you need to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the road less traveled, but you will eventually make a comeback to the streets. So it goes without saying that your strictly off-road purpose tires are going to help when you drive on pavement. The best truck tires have both off-road and on-road capabilities so that you can enjoy an adventurous drive as well as a soothing long drive on a highway. But a lot can go wrong when you want to buy an on-road truck tire.

Some considerations to keep in mind for choosing the best on-road truck tires are:

1. Truck size

There is a huge variety of truck tires available out there, but not all are compatible with every truck size. This is why your first concern should be knowing the truck size to find the best truck tires.

2. Safety

Truck tires need to make your ride a lot less bumpy and completely safe, because otherwise, there are chances that you will be in a dangerous situation.

3. Handling

Handling an on-road drive is quite different from off-road thrills. It is calmer and thus requires much more refined driving skills. It is only natural to rely on high-quality on-road truck tires for such purposes.

4. Tread pattern

An expert tread design enhances the handling and traction of truck tires. It is a proven fact that all kinds of truck tires depend on tread patterns and specially formulated rubber.

5. Affordability

Last but not least, whether a particular on-road truck tire is in your budget or not is one of the most important considerations to make.

Now let’s take a look at the best on-road truck tires that you can buy for those who are looking for a comfortable ride on the pavement;

6. Firestone Destination – best for comfort ride

For on-road driving, you have to keep an eye on the best highway performance. Firestone’s Destination is a perfect option for any truck driver who prioritizes ride comfort, high performance, and low noise when they are driving on the pavement. Most consumers love these tires because they have proven to be better than all-terrain. Whether the pavement is wet or dry, these tires keep a tight grip on the surface and provide a long tread life to drivers.

7. Pirelli Scorpion – best all-season top-tier option

This one is designed to give you a relaxed, gentle, and stable on-road driving experience. Pirelli is one of the top brands in the market, and that is why you can trust these truck tires for a smooth ride every time. It falls under the category of an all-season truck tire, which has to be one of the most appropriate categories to look for the best truck tires. If you have a compact truck, then these can be an ideal match for it.

8. Yokohama’s Geolander—the best hybrid with on-road abilities

Yokohama truck tires need no introduction as they have been in the global market for several years. This particular tire is a hybrid one that proves to be a perfect companion for both on-road and off-road driving. It’s designed in a way to complement either light trucks or performance SUVs efficiently. But the best thing about driving a durable hybrid tire is that it is not too harsh on the pavement.

9. Kumho Crugen – best for durable performance

Kumho is a well-known brand that has developed the Crugen variant for truck owners to enjoy a comfortable yet quality ride on-road. The Kumho Crugen is strictly meant to hit the pavement and is best suited to large trucks and some vans. It is also an all-season truck tire, which means its durability is off the charts. Its properties make it deserving of being listed as one of the best truck tires.

10. Agilis Crossclimate

Designed and marketed by Michelin, these street tires for full-size trucks are truly a class apart. Consumers who want to drive on-road without stressing about heavy loads prefer having a set of these. As the name suggests, this all-season truck tire is made to endure conditions where high-stress is present. With the best-in-class dry and wet traction, these can quickly become your favorite truck tires if given the chance even once.


On-road driving requirements are worlds apart from off-road driving, especially when a truck is put into the equation. Experts who have the skills needed to make the right decisions while selecting the best truck tires always give importance to capability rather than any other characteristic. In the same way, if you want to head to the highway for a smooth on-road drive in your light or full-sized truck, you must choose carefully. Though owning trucks usually means playing hard, that does not mean you can’t take it on a quiet and calm ride on the pavement.

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