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Honda Activa 6G – Is it worth buying in 2022?

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Honda just released an improvement for the Activa, their best-selling scooter. When the Honda Activa 6G was introduced in January 2020, it shot to the top of the sales charts. It quickly outsold the competition and became one of the most popular two-wheelers in India despite stiff opposition from other cars in the sector.

The Honda Activa 6G has a market share of over 55%, making it the most popular scooter in India. Honda’s success in the Indian market can be attributed in large part to the Activa series. Honda Activa is the first scooter that crosses to cross 2.5 crore sale milestone.

To ride your two-wheeler in India, you must get third-party vehicle insurance. In terms of all-encompassing coverage, a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy may be far more advantageous. In addition to covering third-party damages, comprehensive insurance coverage offers total protection for your car in the event of theft or damage caused by an accident. So what makes it a good choice for your Activa 6G? Find out by reading on.

Factors that make the Honda Activa 6G the Best scooter in 2022

An Outstanding ride:

Honda has finally listened to its customers, as the 6G comes equipped with front telescopic suspension as standard. The front telescopic suspension of the scooty, however slightly stiff, makes it much more comfortable to ride than previous models. Additionally, it has an external fuel cap, something the Activa really needs. In order to refuel, you may just flip a switch situated on the apron to open it. One can check all the specifications and features of Honda Activa 6G at Droom and can make a better buying decision.

Excellent engine:

A 110 cc engine of Activa 6G that is both powerful and refined. It is ideal for the crowded metropolitan commute because of the linear power supply. Fuel injection improves the overall smoothness of the engine and the throttle response. You won’t feel much to no vibrations, even when you push it to the limit. Additionally, compared to past versions, it uses less gasoline.

Best after-sales assistance:

For years, Honda has been renowned for its after-sales support. First off, Activa 6G price of replacement components are reasonably priced and easily accessible. Second, the welcoming, competent, and helpful service center staff members make every service encounter absolutely hassle-free.

Great resale value:

One of the two-wheelers in the class with the highest sales is the Honda Active 6G. The company also has a strong reputation for comfort and dependability. Therefore, it stands to reason that your car will sell for a premium price in all resale marketplaces if it is in possession of all the necessary paperwork, such as the registration certificate and insurance documentation.

A reliable brand

Honda’s Activa series is renowned for being dependable and low-maintenance. The 6G, which differs from its predecessor very slightly, maintains this trend. Additionally, the parts such as the engine, body, and body may last for many kilometers before needing to be replaced.

The market-leading Honda Activa 6G is packed with features that will enable you to have a pleasant ride and a quick commute for all your needs, whether you prefer to ride in cities or want to do somewhat longer journeys.

Specifications of Activa 6G:

Telescopic front fork:

The suspension arrangement of the Activa is eventually altered. Although decent, the front telescopic fork is a little stiffer than average. Reducing the rear preload-adjustable monoshock would be a solution and should result in a somewhat softer ride.

Refined Motor:

Fuel injection improves throttle response, making the engine seem buttery smooth even when it is used at its maximum capacity. Throughout the rev range, there are very little to no vibrations.

External fuel filler:

The Activa 6G’s rear quarter panels mirror those of the Activa 125. And there’s a valid explanation behind it. The scooter’s architecture has been modified by Honda to allow for an external fuel-filler cap. Like other scooters with an underseat gasoline filler cap, the external fuel filler removes the need to get off the scooter to replenish. The 6G’s apron-mounted switch may be used to release the gasoline filling cap, making it much more practical.

Wrapping Up

As a worthy replacement for the Activa 5G, the Activa 6G delivers a far smoother engine than the 5G, greater stated fuel efficiency, as well as superior handling and ride comfort.

Additionally, Honda gives a three-year basic warranty that may be extended for an additional three years. The Activa 6G is a no-brainer if you’re searching for a dependable city scooter.

Check more details and specifications of Activa 6G at Droom. At Droom you can also see all the color options. So what are you waiting for? Visit Droom now to book your Activa 6G now!

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