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The 2024 Ford Mustang V8 Sees One More Price Increase Before Its Arrival

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The V8 Mustangs have undergone a surge in cost.

While the competition in the pony car coupe class dwindles with the Camaro and Challenger’s departure, the 2024 Ford Mustang V8 remains the sole contender in the market.

However, despite its relatively simple engine and trim configurations, Ford has seen fit to make one final price adjustment. Regrettably, this increase is mostly attributed to factors beyond the manufacturer’s control.

The increase is primarily affecting the V8 versions of the new Mustang, including the Dark Horse. As a result, the GT Mustang is now $44,090, and the GT Premium has increased to $48,610, both by an additional $1,000.

The Dark Horse variant has seen an increase of $1,300, bringing its price tag to $60,685, whereas the Dark Horse Premium now costs an additional $1,400, bringing its price to $63,460. These prices include the mandatory $1,595 destination fee.

In addition, some of the optional packages have also undergone a price increase. The Dark Horse Appearance Package has seen a $250 rise, the handling package is now $495 more expensive, and the Carbon Fiber wheels are $500 more than the previous price.

According to Ford, the primary cause of the price hike is due to the V8 Mustang qualifying for the gas guzzler tax, and the demand for the V8 coupe has exceeded their expectations. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that these price adjustments will hinder Mustang’s market.

After all, the Camaro and Challenger, two of its primary competitors, are on the verge of extinction. This leaves the Mustang as the only V8, rear-wheel-drive performance coupe available. Nevertheless, whether or not it will continue in its current form remains to be determined.

The 2024 Ford Mustang will be available for purchase this summer.

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